Friday, October 31, 2014

Adore Me
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The one night that is acceptable for girls to be a little slutty.
So here's my review.

It was a little out of my comfort zone but the lighting was just really pretty and my lazy day bedding set up was just screaming photoshoot. Inspiration hit!

Seen advertisements for this site multiple times and I'd thought I would check it out. I heard a lot of good things about it (bra's are comfy, well-made, decently priced).  When you sign up the first time, your first set is $24.95 as a VIP member. So I'd thought I'd take advantage to check it out.

In a gist, being a VIP member is like one of those monthly subscriptions boxes. You browse every beginning of the month for new merchandises in their "showroom" and buy a set (bra & panty or corset & panty) for a discounted price OR skip that month and they won't charge you. You are emailed a reminder to come back to the site to either purchase or skip that month. If you happened to forget to skip that month, you'll be charged but you can request a refund within 30 days back to your credit card. And if it's past the 30 days, it'll just be added to your account as store credit.
You can find out more details on the site.
You can also cancel the membership anytime you want with just a simple phone call to customer service.

I ordered a set called 'Delania.' It is a simple black corset with a side zipper and mesh V-neck. It comes with a thong (NOT PICTURED HERE).  I honestly don't know why I picked this one in particular but I thought it was the best out of the options I was given.
 The corset has a way for you to adjust the top portion (boob area) separately and the bottom (waist/hip area) separately. So it is made very adjustable for many different body types - allowing for a really nice fit. However, for me, the fitting was sort of an issue because I'm VERY petite on top so even a lace up corset, it was very hard to fill out the top. I ordered an XS.
But other than that, it was very lovely and well made. I plan to just wear it as a top paired with a blazer for a girls night out or something. A bold stunning piece in my wardrobe.
 Because you know intimates are every day wear now~


***Disclaimer: I was not sponsored by I purchased this set with my own money.***

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