Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorites of 2013 - Make Up/Skin Care Edition

2013 is basically over! And here's my top favorite make up of this past year!

I'm back at my parents house so some of my make up is at my apartment in Boston - so it is not pictured
  1. Urban Decay Half Baked Eye Shadow
    • I think this is a lot of people's favorite. A shimmery golden color that fits most skin tones!
  2. Nars Niagara Lip Stick
    • Always wanted to rock the bold red lipstick look. However, every time I've tried one on in sephora - I just look like a geisha~ AND not zhang zhi style. This lipstick is not as bright as your typical red lipstick. It is more of a pinky rose tone. Still bright enough to give you bold look, depending on your skin tone.
  3. Hour Glass Immaculate Foundation in Nude
    • Absolute favorite foundation I've tried so far! It's a bit on the pricey side but it is worth the investment! It is light on your skin and does not smudge after wearing it the whole day!
  4. Shisedo Pure Toner & Lotion
    • Good for oil control and sensitive skin.
  5. Etude House Fresh Toner
    • Just like the name, it really makes you feel fresh afterwards. Smells really nice and your skin is so smooth after application
  6. Bubbi Brushes
    • Super soft and great quality. 
  7. Tony Moly Cream Liners in Sparkling Brown
    • Purchased this in Korea two or three years ago and STILL it hasn't dried out or run out (and I wear make up almost every day).
  8. Benefit They're Real Mascara
    • Doesn't clump and fulfills my eye lashes!
  9. St Ives Peach Scrub
    • GREAT facial exfoliater!
  10. The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash & clay mask
    • After you use these - your face is very smooth and gives you a cooling sensation

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