Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

SOOOOOO originally I was going to be one of the Ironettes from Iron Man 2. However, I didn't prepare my body/work out as I wanted so I decided to scratch that idea and not make that costume. I also thought I wasn't going to do anything for Halloween so I didn't think much of it. BUT THEN plans came up and I needed to wip up something quick and fast so, this is what I came up with!

A Skeleton! Yea, a little cliche for a Halloween costume BUT I had a great time making it! It probably took 6 hours total to make perhaps - of course spread out throughout two days. 

I bought fabric paint from blinks and "tried" to paint out the human bones. Of course this is anatomically incorrect, but I couldn't fit it all #shortpeopleproblems xD

Leggings and Bra top were both from my own closet. Pieces that I don't really wear in public that was no big of a deal to wreck.

More Pictures:

Body chain was from Forever 21. I used it in one of my "OOTD" posts earlier.

Shoes: Guess buckled booties

Bag: Crocadile print chained purse from Forever21


As for my make up~ I didn't plan on doing this at first but hey WHY NOT GO ALL OUT! SOOO this is how it came out to be.

Hope ya'll had a great Halloween! Until next time!

mwah mwah~

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