Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween - Are you Ready?

It's that time of year to start planning and getting your work out schedule down for the month! Halloween!! It's little more than a month away!! Never to early to start brain storming what you're going to be. I've never been a fan of Halloween. Actually, I used to go shopping so I wouldn't have to deal with trick or treaters and the constant door bell ringing. However, once I got to college - there were more events and just more reasons to dress up.

Sooo... here are few of the costumes that I wore in within the past 6 years of college.

Freshman Year: Pirate

Not so original, and I was pretty covered up. I didn't understand the concept of a "college Halloween" experience. I've only seen little kids in their cute costumes obnoxiously ringing the door bell and asking for candy. I didn't know you were suppose to be an absolute SLUT for halloween!? Just kidding. But hey if you don't believe me, check out Jenna Marbles "Sluts on Halloween video." She will say it all.
So, pirate it was. I purchased the red bandana and "Pirates of the Caribbean" Key from Claires and everything else was pretty much in my closet.

2nd Year: School Girl?

Wasn't really planning on dressing up. It was very last minute that a friend and I decided to hit up a friends party for like half hour.

3rd Year:  I don't think I dressed up - I don't actually remember

4th Year: Amber from Sucker Punch

My Spinoff:

I was very proud of this costume actually. My Fashion Designer friend made the hat for me (made patterns and sewed up everything together) and I just cut up old leggings I don't wear anymore into butt-less chaps... Yes, I did say BUTT-LESS chaps & everything else was in my closet. I was actually very covered up  compared to other girls - besides my abdomen area, however, the butt-less chaps gave it a spin off of being slightly sexy, not that I was going for that look. *sweat drop*

My spin off of the butt-less chaps was less revealing, as I wore a pair of nike bike shorts; it covered all the essentials. I also included a North Face Mountain Lumbar Pack to cover most of the area.

[APPARENTLY, I lost all my pictures of my hard work =( ]

Maybe for the heck of it i'll re-use this costume again this year for some occasion since nobody really saw it that year

5th Year: Hello Kitty & a slutty doctor or scientist? 

The ears were provided by one of my best friends who was HK the years before and everything else was from my own closet!

& the slutty doctor or scientist was also put together the last minute to head out to a club with the them "Sexy Doctors and Nurses" to see the DJ R3hab.

6th Year (THIS YEAR): It's a surprise ;)

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