Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fancy Marble multi-purpose tray [DIY]

Hello beautiful people!

Welcome back to the gracerysh0p! Today's post is going to be a DIY project that was super inexpensive and very customizable! These days I'm obsessed with marble print and all marble things. I think it just looks so chic and simple yet it has a bit of flare to it which is totally my style. I have been looking for little decor pieces here and there and man! they are really expensive. A tray very similar to the one I made today was 100+ DOLLARS. LIKE WHAT?!! Regardless of how much I make, I would never spend $100 on a tray. So! I took the cheaper alternative and made my own. Art is therapy for me so I really enjoyed making this. 

Things you'll need:
  1. Marble tile: I got mine from Lowes for less than $4 for one tile. It's just the regular floor tile you would use to do your bathroom floors. They sell it by unit so it's not too bad. Beware of the design though and choose carefully. As you know marble is a very random print and not all tiles will look the same, so pick and choose which design you like and have fun with it. 
    • There are also different sizes of marble tiles so you don't necessarily have to get this piece. You can even get one cut for you by lowes employee. 
  2. Handles: I just got mine from Lowes because of convenience but you can definitely get any door knobs from just about anywhere. I recommend going thrifting or even just anthropologie. I spent around $3.50 per handle at Lowes. 
  3. Felt pads: I used the felt pads to line the bottom so it doesn't scratch and service I put it on and also doesn't scratch or damage the tile itself. 
  4. Ruler: for precise measurements for the placement of the handles
  5. Pencil: to mark the areas you want to glue your handles
  6. Mod Podge: It is not shown in the picture because it was a last minute add on. I used mod podge for the bottom of the tile because it wasn't the same texture as the top. It had a sandy ceramic texture and it was chalky to the touch. The mod podge helped seal the bottom. 
  7. E600 glue: This is one of the strongest CRAFT glue out there. You can definitely use stronger glue from the hardware store to really make it sturdy, but just for a display tray E600 is great enough. 
    • I've seen another option where someone actually drilled the tile and used screws, but I wasn't confident enough with the power drill so, I kept it simple with the glue
    • Some glues even allow you to hold 3-4 canned foods on this tray with a flinch.

  • Clean the marble tile before doing anything, this gives you a nice surface to glue on the handle
  • Place the handles generally around where you think you'll like it and visualize what will look good.
    • For more precise measurements, use the ruler and pencil to find the middles of the tiles and mark the areas you'll be placing your handles on
  • Use the E600 glue and generously apply glue on the bottom of the handles and place them on the marked areas of your marble tray
    • You will get some glue spilling out from the sides but its ok. little towel and water will wipe that right away. 
    • make sure you do this cleaning part while the glue is still dry because once it is dried, it is harder to get off. If you have a little bit of residue, it's ok
  • When placing the handles make sure you are very still. Before the glue dries the handles will easily slide around.
  • Put little big of pressure on the handles so the glue sticks and then leave it a lone for about an hour. 
    • Around this time you can probably get some alcohol or those solutions that gets rid of adhesives and rub some of the excess glue left on the tile. 
  • After an hour the handles will be somewhat stuck on but don't move it yet. Place something on top (preferably something that can cover the entire tile) to give it a little more pressure and leave it for about 24 hours.
  • Now you'll be able to lift through the handles without a problem. 
  • Last few steps is the mod podge. put a generous amount of mod podge on the back of the tile and let it dry. Don't worry - mod podge dries clear. 
  • Once the mod podge dries place the felt pads on the bottom near the four corners and then you are set to decorate! 

I paid a total of around $15 for the tile, handle, felt pads. Again very inexpensive compare to those in stores. The cost varied the most because of the handles in my opinion. There are so many options at different prices so go wild! All the other glues and rules, I already had at home - and didn't include in the cost because once you buy those, you'll use it for many many MANY different DIY projects I promise you. So I only think of it has a very small fraction of the cost since I will be using it in the future as well. 

A lot of things here and there are very customizable so go crazy! Be creative! You can go crazy with the use of the tray too! I've seen people use marble trays for cheese and cracker servers as well. 


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