Thursday, June 23, 2016


Photo Credit: KylieCosmetics

Photo credit: Me

The infamous kylie jenner lip kits. Yes I gave into the hype. I convinced myself originally not to even look but the colors and she was popping up EVERYWHERE. Reading comments on her instagram and facebook page it sounded like it was impossible to get because the website always crashes or your item gets stolen before you can press "place order" and all that jazz.

One fine day - I had a day off from work and they were "restocking" that day so I was like what the heck, i'll give it a shot. Especially since it was possible to get, in my mind, I thought I'd probably won't get it anyways. I got on the site at 6pm EST sharp and added the three favorite colors that I liked and boom boom boom I was on the order confirmation page. Like what? That was easier that baking a cake. So boom there goes my money to a girl that doesn't need the money.

AND THEN, I heard a lot of horror stories of packages getting lost, or them not shipping on time, or not at all. Confirmation page I received said they would ship out in 3-5 days. On the 5th day my items were shipped. Confirmation page read the delivery time would be 5-7 days and boom I got it like couple days later.

The entire process was smooth, and not hard at all. It is possible I am a very lucky case but yea.

Now on to the review!

LONG LASTING AF. I put it on with the liner, ate dinner (side note: I eat like a beast + dinner that day was soupy) the color stay put. I mean yea there was "some" wipe off but majority of the color was still there. I was in shock and I loved it. 
FORMULA was a bit drying like colourpop matte lipsticks, but a little chapstick fixed that problem right away.
GORGEOUS COLORS. I am not gonna lie, you did good Kylie Jenner. The colors are beautiful and very pigmented. At first the colors may seem alarming but once it's dried, the color is BEAUTIFUL.
APPLICATION: When you first apply the lippies, the color is slightly alarming and very wet looking (which btw a little goes a long way). Don't worry, the color will dry out to a beautiful color.
SKIN TONES: These glosses like any other lip product looks different on different people so don't expect the same exact results as the next person. 

Left (up) - Right (down): dolcek, candyk, kokok




After rubbing HARD with a makeup wipe...

Do I regret buying?

  • slightly, because it's so pricy
    • ok, I regret buying three - two would have been enough
    • shipping cost was a b*atch (~$9 like what??!?!!)
      • I think it's absolutely ridiculous and there's no way that tiny box is worth ~$9 shipping usps. Hasn't she heard of flat rate? lol

Would I purchase again?
  • To be honest, I probably would like WAY LATER down the road just because they were so expensive, I don't think I want to drop that much on lip glosses anytime soon.
Worth the hype?
  • Probably. The quality is pretty great! I am pretty impressed with it. 
    • There was a post/rumor about how kylie jenner and colourpop is from the same factory and it is basically the same product just different names. And by looking at where they shipped it from, the city is the same for both companies. And what convinced everyone of this truth is that as colourpop and kylie cosmetics is listed under the same factory. You can be the judge or I can do it for you. Leave comments if you want to see a comparison.
  • I do own A LOT (slightly excessive) amount of colourpop products and I mean the colourpop mattes don't last as long as the kylie lip kits but I may have to experiment more on my own for that one.


  1. I've been SO put off these lip kits by the all the horror stories - this is actually the first one I've heard where everything went smoothly! I love the look of the colours but I just don't think I could justify spending that much + shipping on her products

    Steph -

    1. HEYY!!~ yea no they're super pricy and I wasn't gonna do it - but I caved and sort of glad I did haha yeaaaa~~~ I was actually kind of surprised how smoothly it went. :)

      & thanks for visiting my blog!