Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tree Stump Table DIY

Hi guys!~

So this isn't really a fashion post (what else is new) but it was something I wanted to share to hopefully inspire some of you to be more hands on. For me when I'm stressed out, I like to be hands on and do little projects, do some artsy fartsy stuff, clean, organize, and the list goes on. So my boyfriend and I were in a big "hands on" "building" frenzy so we decided to build a table!

The tree stumps I already had lying around because my parents were going to make stools or something but never got around to. Tools you can find at your local hardware store. Legs can be found in Ikea, Etsy, some hardware stores or any other furniture/home stores. Here are some pictures of the process! Sorry if the pictures aren't good quality - I used my #iphoneonly for my own purposes but a lot of people wanted to see the process so here they are! This is not a step by step instructions for this DIY - there are some in between sanding that we did to make sure the surfaces were kept smooth.

Generally what we used were
  • Wood Filler
  • Wood Stain + paint brush
    • Cherry - sides
    • Golden Pecan - top
  • Polyurethane (semi-gloss)
  • Sand paper - all shapes and sizes, even a power sander
  • Leveler
  • Masks
  • Steel wool
  • Table lets (Ikea)
    • Used the top "screw" part only for more adjustment in height in this set
    • Used only the actual legs in this set

Got rid of the bark and now sanding the stump like there's no tomorrow

Looks like a fishy. NEMO!

Filled in the cracks to prevent from getting any moisture into the wood

Adding the legs.

It was quite the challenge because the top and bottom of the stump were no level nor straight. But we did it! 


uh oh! It looks like steak! Too dark! Let's see after it dries.

Nope! Still dark and a little to splotchy.

Sides looks AWESOME though. 

Natural lighting. Still has it's 'steak' color

Sanding the top to get rid of the dark color to start over. 

New Color! Golden Pecan

For in between staining/polyurethane to get rid of bumps - gives it a baby butt smooth finish

New color looks good with the 'Cherry' side color too!

Now the couple coats of polyurethane semi gloss finish

OOOOOO so shiny

And we're done!

Hope this inspires you to do these kind of projects with your significant other, friends, and family! It's a great way to bond and just do something productive together!!

Stump chair DIY will be coming soon


But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever. - Pslam 52:8

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