Friday, June 5, 2015


When I first discovered these, I went CRAZY. They were super flattering and SUPER comfortable. However, the sizing was tough. I didn't have time to go to the store to try these on so I was literally reading a lot of reviews online and watching youtube videos. I bought these online and I was basically taking a chance with the sizing. So since these items are so popular and everyone always asks with the sizing I'm just going to give you a CRASH COURSE on AA Disco Pants/Shorts Sizing.

Little about me:
I have an hourglass shape body type. Small waist but pretty big butt and thighs. Hey, it's just what my mama gave me ;) Currently I wear size 25/26 in pants depending on the brand but if I were to just focus on my waist by itself, I probably could wear a size 24.

Disco Shorts:

I originally got the Disco Shorts (in black) in size Small. A lot of review recommended "when in doubt, go size down," UMMM maybe." I received the Small and WOW it was tight. It did fit me REALLY NICE (my butt wasn't hanging out TOO much), but if I gained even a pound, the button would have just popped off. They made my stomach look SUPER flat and it was just awesome. I am hesitant to keep these however because I am very bottom heavy and unless I work out, all the emphasis on this outfit will go to my thunda thighs.

medium "Midnight blue" disco shorts

So then I decided to get a size Medium (in Midnight Navy)
The DRASTIC difference between the two sizes TOTALLY threw me off. I didn't expect this at all. I feel like sizing is definitely an issue with these shorts. The Medium was WAY TOO BIG. There was not an area that even fit remotely. Definitely returning this.

Disco Pants:

I bought a size Small again (in imperial purple). I picked this color because originally I didn't want the typical black but still wanted something subtle. As you can see in the picture, it's pretty dark - almost close to black but when the light shines on it, the purple pops. Again I put these on and BAM it was TIGHT! like WOW. I still fit and did show off my figure but getting them on was a struggle. I did hear though that after you wear them couple times it does stretch to fit your form and it's more roomy to breath and move around in but WOW, the first time putting them on was a struggle and a half.

Got another pair in medium (in Black) and it was big in certain areas. To break it down:

  • Waist was a little big
  • Butt/thigh area fit fine
  • Length was too long (I'm 5' 2")
  • Crotch area wasn't fitted enough - a bit roomy
    • There was a pouch of air sticking out when you sit but unnoticeable when you stand
  • The fit around the ankles weren't tight enough - probably because of the length
Hope this helped! I recommend these pants/shorts to anyone!  Because I've seen pictures of women of all shapes and sizes rock these shorts! They look amazing on everyone pretty much! It's great for a girls night out, date night, clubbing, party, etc. The pants you definitely can pull off as everyday wear as well depending on how you style it, but the shorts is a little more showy, so I would recommend some sheer tights or something if you decide to wear them casually. I also HIGHLY recommend you try them on before you purchase because of the sizing issues.

**disclaimer: this is not a sponsored review. I purchased these with my hard earned money and words are 100% my own**


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