Monday, August 26, 2013

OOTN: No Chains, No Gain

Back in July, I went to  Krewella concert? club? umm, something? I went to Ocean Club to see Krewella and I wanted to wear something edgy, but at the same time not TOO revealing. Yes, I've seen all those edm, edc, ezoo, etc. photos of girls almost wearing nothing or wearing crazy outfits (which btw I do think some of them are SUPER SUPER CUTE!) but I didn't want to go for that direction, plus it was just an outdoor club, no biggie.

Oh my goodness, I'm going off on tangents~ I like comfort, COMFORT is KEYY for me, especially when going out. I used to dress up in this mini skirts and high heels @__@ but I realized I'm getting too old for that stuff; oh dear.

So for my outfit:

Top was from I saw it and I was like " I HAVE TO HAVE IT!" It was during when they were having their 70% off sale too! I was having issues on the sizing because when comparing the sizes with what the model was wearing, it was confusing. The model had such a tiny body structure & I knew I wasn't THAT tiny - especially these days of gaining some weight. But I too the advice of my friends and got size 4 (same as the model pictured). To my surprise, it fit! well kind of, it was still loose but it was fine~ One thing somewhat uncomfortable would be that you can't wear a bra (unless you really want to I guess). So what I did was use tape, because I didn't pick up the boobies stickers or anything. It did it's job.

Bottom: were just a pair of acid washed high waisted shorts from Forever 21. Only $20! Well, $19.95!

Body chain: Forever 21. Absolute first time wearing it after buying it couple years ago!

Shoes: Nine West Combat Boots. My love. I am in LOVE with combat boots!! Well boots in general but these are probably my favorite! They are actually so worn out that it kind of looks like I came back from a war or something (muddy, leather torn in places, etc.).


  1. Love this outfit! Very edgy. My favorite pieces are the shorts (that acid wash is gorg!) and the body chain!