Saturday, July 13, 2013


So, you've seen a BILLION DIYs for high waisted distress shorts! Yea yea, here's another one.

Using the shorts on the left (light denim wash)
I thrifted this from Goodwill; Lee high waisted shorts. 

Materials you will need:
  1. Shorts
  2. Exacto knife
  3. Scissors
  4. Something to make markers on the shorts
  5. Sandpaper (I used the side of my foot scrubber that I do not use)
  6. Washing machine
If you want to add the heart:
  1. needle and thread
  2. some fabric

I made markers on where to make the slits for the distressed look. Make sure when you're making the slits, you don't cut it too deep because you want to thread the slits, not making a complete hole. Use the sandpaper to rub against the slits. It may look funny and weird now, but once your shorts go into the laundry it'll look amazing! 


I added the heart because I thought it was too plain. I couldn't find my studs *sadface
Just cut out the shape (in my case a heart) and sew it on =)


  1. Great job on the DIY! I love the distressed look, and these shorts came out perfect!

    Suzie Q